I’m laughing so hard at all the Durbin fans who think that unfollowing Adam will help their guy

Egotistical fucks don’t appeal to the audience #UnfollowAdam @AdamLambert, no copy cat; you just wish you could sing like @JDurbinAI10

@AdamLambert Take your glittery ass out of the media and step aside, @JDurbinAI10 IS KICKING YOU OUT #UnfollowAdam @JamesDurbinNews

you glamberts are so cute. In denial that James is obviously better than your egotistical flamer? #UnfollowAdam #GiveMetalAChance

I don’t really see how unfollowing Adam will help their favorite Idol contestant

BUT saying that he’s better than Adam? m’kay, why don’t you wait till your guy has an album? then will compare and see who’s better

delusional people!

I don’t care about Durbin, I don’t hate him.

if there really are glamberts turned into durbinators (?) who support that stupid campaign on twitter… then please, don’t call yourself glamberts


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    umm? seriously? I am at a loss for words. aww, poor Durbin fans don’t know what to do with their lives =[ so sad.
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    BAHAHAHAHAH OH GOD I CAN’T CONTROL MY LAUGHTER. XD We don’t need dumbass “Glamberts” in our Glamily, anyway. Unfollow...
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    I’ve no comment. :X
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    omg Adam you unfollowed some guy that’s on Idol rn, how could you, I’m not your fan anymore!...
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